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Why would I get an ambulance bill when I already pay taxes?
Taxes collected through the EMS Levy put a comprehensive emergency medical program in place; however, the costs of providing emergency medical transports far exceeds the outlay of funds that is covered by the emergency medical services infrastructure. While revenues from the EMS Levy constitute only 16.6% of Central Kitsap Fire and Rescue’s income, 75% of our 911 responses are medical in nature. Billing insurance companies, Medicare and individuals is a means of recouping costs from those who use our transport services.

How much does an ambulance bill typically cost?
The average medical transport bill ranges between $457 to $695 depending upon the level of patient care needed, plus mileage at $11 per mile. Insurance plans typically cover ambulance transportation at 80% to 100% after applicable co-pays have been applied and depending on your policy.