Canby Fire District 62

FireMed Registration

EMS Billing Services

(800) 238-9398

P.O. Box 3510

Silverdale,WA 98383


Who is covered?

The Canby FireMed program covers the entire family, which means the primary member, spouse or domestic partner, and all relatives (by blood or marriage) living in the home. Please refer to the Terms of Agreement for the full definition of covered persons.

To download a copy of the Canby FireMed informational brochure click HERE.

What is covered?

FireMed covers ambulance transport to the nearest appropriate hospital and medically-necessary transfers from one hospital to another that require basic or advanced life support care from an Emergency Medical Technician. One of the following conditions must be present in order to be covered by this plan:
1. The patient requires medical care.
2. The patient requires stretcher services.
3. The patient and/or family member feels that an emergency medical condition exists.

Members (and each household relative) that are covered by insurance are allotted a $500.00 credit amount per membership year.

Canby FireMed Rates

Within Canby Fire District 62:
$61 per household

How to Become A Member?

Please complete an application and enclose a check or credit/debit payment information.

Apply by Mail
You may download and fill out the application form to the right, then including a check made out to the 'FireMed', mail it to:

Canby - FireMed
PO Box 3510
Silverdale, WA 98383

Apply by Fax
You may download and fill out the application form to the right, then fax it to (360) 697-1659. Make sure to include your payment information at the bottom of the application.

Apply by Email

You may download and fill out the application form to the right, then scan and email it to:

NOTE:  Submission of an application and payment constitutes acceptance of the FireMed Terms of Agreement which is available for download HERE.

Online Application and Payment

Credit Card/Debit Card/eCheck
No convenience fee will apply to this transaction.

Click on the link to our secure payment processing page to the right. You will be asked to complete the application form and payment information.  Upon completion, you will then receive an email confirmation of your payment.

How to Contact Us

For more information, please contact our billing department at the phone number, fax number or email address provided below:

1) Call our billing service department at (800) 238-9398. Please indicate that this is regards to FireMed.

2) Email any questions you may have concerning FireMed to the following email address: *

* Communications via unencrypted e-mail are not secure. Please do not include personal identifying information or medical information in any e-mail you send to us.

3) Fax completed application with payment information to the Canby Fire District 62 - FireMed billing service department: Fax # (360) 697-1659.